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Tara 11th Aug, 2011+0
They Called and said I had an outstanding loan with 1st cash advance. In calling first cash adavance they said they have no collection of setting up a payment in their system and do not know this company. He even tried to get to buy a prepaid card cuz I told Him I lost my debit card. I also called the 347 number and it just rang. once he called back I told him I tried that number he then said they are having construction work done so it is interferring with the phones. I then told them I am not paying anything my bank is sending a dispute and if you are a real company as you say you are then we'll talk. He just hanged up.
Pistoff 10th Aug, 2011+0
i don't know who call me from this number, could you help me, please?
Dave G. 10th Aug, 2011+0
This is the number of a debt collector. Pay your debts!
HDMark 8th Aug, 2011+0
I received a call from this number at 11:55 p.m. I did not answer but looked up the number this morning to see if I could figure out who was calling at that time.
HSE employee 23rd Jul, 2011+0
Left me a message the first time threatning me about returning the phone call. When called back they were very rude about telling me whom the lawsuit that they perclaim was filled against me for. After I told them not to holler at me and that I would get the attorney general to step in on this situation he perceided to say get whomever u want and hung up. I have called them back numerous times in approximately 20 minutes. Every time someone picks up they hang right back up. The first time called a lady answered and someone in the background told her to hang up. This is nothing to play with and I do not appreciate being threatned by anyone especially when I know I have not done anything wrong.
frustrated cell phon 19th Jul, 2011+0
Keeps calling every week both home and work phone numbers
from ohio 7th Jul, 2011+0
Called my cell phone Dec 12 @ 6:09 didnt leave a message.
GJ 5th Jul, 2011+0
calls, lets the phone ring for two times and then hangs up. i called the number back and it says "all circuits are busy now."
Joshua Howard 5th Jul, 2011+0
called cell phone said it was a survey
Lexie 2nd Jul, 2011+0
This unknown caller has called me and left a 3 second v-mail of nothing. Who is this, and can I have this stopped immediately?

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